Wednesday, April 27

That's Amazing!

We're getting close to the finish line on this season of The Amazing Race. But the team that seems to be a lightning rod for opinions hasn't made it to the final four. Lynn and Alex may not have won, but they did have some interesting things to say to The Advocate and TV Guide:
Lynn: I haven’t eaten off the bone for like 10 years.

Alex: But we've been together almost five years now.
Lynn: Which is like 30 in gay years.

Lynn: I wouldn’t be offended if one of the Roadblocks had been “Decorate this room,” and if I had done a killer job and Uchenna had run off and said, “Damn, he was born to do that.”

Lynn: Actually, we’re not executive assistants; both Alex and I are producers.
Alex: We said we were executive assistants because we wanted to get cast on the show. Because if we said we were producers, that would look shady.

Here's hoping Gretchen and Meredith become the oldest walking away with the prize! And if not, I'm rooting for Uchenna and Joyce, because bald is beautiful.