Tuesday, November 30

Giving Thanks - John, thanks for picking up the slack while I'm away from home. Last week, I was in LA for Thanksgiving and this week, I'm in San Franciso for my annual work conference. And since I'm completely out of the loop and didn't even know that Julia had given birth until way after the fact, I figured I might as well publish a quick, loathesome, livejournal-esque, gushing, stream of consciousness, diary-style post. Even though we opted for porkloin instead of turkey this year, Kevin and I had a great trip to down south for the holiday. Worth mentioning was a trip to Burke Williams for massages and cruisy eye candy, followed by dinner at Doughboys. Also notable was taking a friend for his first visit ever to the Texas Cheesecake Depository. The highlight from the weekend was meeting him and his other half, and sitting at the exact same Kitchen table Sookie St. James had occupied just days earlier!). Even with highest recommendations from fellow bloggers, we were still astounded by just how great this duo was. Looking forward to a repeat visit at Christmas...and speaking of visits to LA, once I'm back to the normal routine next week, I'll get to work on our trip to visit with Anastasia, John.