Sunday, April 23

Journal of B.S.

The intellectually-inclined are horrified to learn that crusading anti-gay "researcher" Paul Cameron has finally weaseled his way into a peer-reviewed scientific journal, in this case, Cambridge's Journal of Biosocial Research. His crap article, "Children of Homosexuals and Transexuals More Apt to Be Homosexual," was based on his typical shoddy, "sophomoric" work. According to one professional listserv, the extent of his pseudo-scientific studies involved developing a bibliography of topical books from, buying and reading three of them, and tallying up the sexual orientation of the adult offspring described in the texts (discarding half whose sexual orientation was not characterized). The result: "homosexuality is contagious." What else do you expect from a guy who produced "statistics" of gay longevity based on AIDS obituaries? At least the NARTH-types who actually believe this bullshit are more and more the minority these days (except, I guess, at the White House).