Thursday, April 13

Flight 93 Transcript Released

The judge in the Moussaoui trial declined to release the audio tape of the Flight 93's cockpit recorder, opting instead to provide news sources with the transcript, now available on TSG. (Also introduced into evidence was a gigantic photomontage of nearly every victim of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Click the image at left to see a scaled-down version.)

The Universal Pictures feature film recounting the dramatic passenger revolt opens in two weeks. Some are questioning whether America is ready for a 9/11 movie. Perhaps to ease those concerns, the studio is donating 10% of the opening weekend gross to the flight's memorial fund. While I think we can handle it, I expect United 93 to be an emotional experience, no less so for arriving about the same time as the expected death sentence for Zacharias Moussaoui. Add one more "martyr" to Al Qaeda's honor rolls.