Thursday, April 20

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

Taking a page from Indonesian jihadists, our esteemed attorney-general is on the warpath against smut. First he wants to require ISPs to keep tracking data on their customers, and now Gonzales intends to jail web site operators who do not submit to mandatory labeling of sexual content.

Commercial sites would have to slap an FTC-approved notice on each page containing anything sexually explicit, including not just sexual intercourse but even "close-ups of fully clothed genital regions." (Sports Illustrated better watch out!) Adding to the technical complications of compliance, the law would criminalize posting explicit material on any home page if it can be seen "absent any further actions by the viewer."

(Hmm, just what is the "home page" of a blog? And how does this work with user-supplied content generally? I'm familiar with some Flickr groups that would surely be covered, but management doesn't review what's posted there.)

Forget about that clearinghouse of filth BentBlog, sounds like Chrisafer may need to add warning labels to some of his poetry! What confuses me is what does this anti-pR0n crusade have to do with missing children?