Wednesday, February 8

Can You Keep a Secrets?

With news that Major League Baseball will probably accept last night's frantic machinations to approve the resurrected stadium lease, groundbreaking could be imminent. (Commenters are discounting a last-ditch effort at an anti-stadium referendum.) We may even see team ownership chosen and a ballpark design unveiled.

Meanwhile, land ownership in the footprint has already transferred to the District. O Street gay businesses are merely awaiting a judge's order on the city's eviction request. In a blow to Secrets, Ziegfield's, Heat and the rest, Jim Graham has had to withdraw his defective bill to aid their relocation. Apparently the Congressionally-drafted city charter gives such power solely to the D.C. Zoning Commission, not the Council. Curiously enough, one of the five members appears to be our neighbor across the street. Looks like I'm gonna have to have a chat with our friend Kevin.

Update: The DCist has further info, putting clearing operations on the ground around March 1st.