Monday, October 24

The "John's Never Done That" Tour

Given my reputation as a late night bon vivant, you'd think there wouldn't be much left in this town I hadn't experienced at least once. On the contrary, this past weekend featured many firsts, which I feel compelled to livejournal blog in the tradition of a certain LA artist.

The plan Thursday was to hit Green Lantern followed by BlueStateDC, which was being hosted at Saint Ex. For those who don't know, Thursday is GL's "shirtless men drink free" night, a common event at the more -- hmm, casual? -- gay bars, like Titan and the Eagle. Usually I'm loathe to go without covering due to a neurotic self-consciousness about a surfeit of body hair. On the other hand, I've overcome my worries to go to the beach, so why not get drunk for free the same way? Having Chris and Brian, not to mention a bunch of the Taint gang, along as half-naked wingmen made things easier.

Next up was BlueState, which I shockingly had never attended. My favorite thesbian-bartender was working the Gate 54 basement lounge, and many other fun folk were in attendance. Seeking Irony documented a lively scene, including highlights like "cute gay indieboys making out during one of my sets." (Funny, that's a fav of mine too.) After painting the town and staying out well past my bedtime, I made my way home, driving past the MPD's response to hip-hop artist "Cam'ron" Giles alleged carjacking (later to be spoofed on Best Week Ever).

Finally, Saturday night saw Jamie and me attending our first Miss Adams-Morgan Pageant. A private benefit, MAMP is a major annual to-do in the gayborhood, but tickets are sold only by members of the Dupont Social Club and are hard to come by. Also, I figured you had to go in drag, or at least in costume, which turns out not to be true at all. (Jimbo has photos of some of those who did.) At the pageant, the Hinkley Hilton's massive ballroom overflows with some 2,300 revelers who cheer on the fabulous contestants. Jamie and Tim went as the ghosts of drag queens past -- it's a wonder what a sheet and a wig can do -- but the best outfit hands down was Condi Rice. Our next mayor was even there.

It's now been almost a year since Kyle dubbed mine a "rock-n-roll lifestyle." Not even I ever thought I could keep it up this long. But I sure am having fun doing it.