Thursday, October 20

Scripted Responses

Oh, HRC! Thanks for giving us a valuable life lesson with your new ad campaign entitled "Tom! the Token Gay Friend." (Click to watch the public service announcements.)

Tom teaches gays that "talking to friends and family about equality isn't always easy. In fact, it can be an adventure." The best part: Tom is hunky and kinda butch. Tom works on trucks -- not just truckers. Unfortunately, as you can see from the transcripts, Tom is a real Debbie Downer. He's always interrupting everyone's fun to bring up the inequality of homosexuals. [Waaaa-waaaa...] Come on now Tom, get a life!

As one blogger explains, HRC's argument is that "Tom just isn't getting his point across in the right way. Perhaps if he had the right words, perhaps if he had just read the HRC website, if he chose just the right situation -- his friends would have 'gotten it.'" Maybe, but call me skeptical that talking points issued by a Washington lobbying group are the best means to break the ice and gain understanding with our straight friends and family. If the great gay grassroots aren't selling the message, then maybe the problem lies at HRC headquarters, not in the hinterland.