Sunday, December 5

My Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle - This weekend I'm hitting the trifecta, as I'll be out all three nights in a row. Between Friday's Never Been There Tour, Part Deux and tonight's Taint, Jamie and I squeezed in a 30th birthday celebration on Saturday at Connecticut Avenue's Russia House. This new lounge is a shabby chic destination with a cozied crowding of sofas on the second floor of a restored Victorian townhouse. The place hosts 50+ vodka varieties and a Washington Post Bartender of the Month award-winner. The crowd was young and well-dressed but not as preppy-political looking as, say, Local 16. The effect was less meat-market and more laid-back -- in other words, my kinda place. Since our private party was sequestered in a separate room, I plan to go back sometime when we can hang out in the bar.