Sunday, April 10

What is a 'texting'?

The Associated Press notes that this newfangled thing called 'texting' is on the rise in the United States:
Usage correlates with age: 63 percent of cell phone users ages 18-27 have used text messaging compared with 31 percent for ages 28-39 and 7 percent for those over 60.

I wish they had disaggregated the data to compare usage rates of homosexual SMS-ers and their heterosexual counterparts. I have a feeling that far more than 31 percent of tech savvy gays ages 28-39 are sending text messages:

  • "OMG! Cute Boy spotted!"
  • "Must download new remix! SOOO GOOD!"
  • "Did U C Flotilla DeBarge on The View 2day?"
You know, companies really should consult with me before these survey questions are formulated.