Thursday, April 7

So Where's Your Trucker Hat?

Will Doig's send-up of the new geek chic among urban homos may be NY-centric, it certainly rings true for Washington as well, where cool kids in Columbia Heights like to imagine themselves in a little Williamsburg-on-the-Potomac. (Didn't hurt that some true originals moved from there to here.) But like everything else, the movement has already peaked once we Districtans embrace it:

The hipster gay seems to be overtaking the flashy gym gay as the primary gay stereotype. The hipster gay has Conor Oberst's hair and, in many cases, Conor Oberst's body as well. Large muscles are not hip to the hipster gay. The hipster gay wears a 1970s necktie (around his neck, not in the collar of his shirt), and a hoodie underneath a frayed, pin-striped sport jacket. The hipster gay's jeans are tastefully torn, his Converse sneakers appropriately ragged.

Despite this, the hipster gay, I think, is not all that different from the flashy gym gay, whose shiny Adidas pants and striped rugby shirt seem designed to emulate a heterosexual sports enthusiast. The hipster gay emulates a straight boy as well, one that plays bass for a band called The Pun Makers and drinks blue-collar beer and dates a girl who wears thick-rimmed glasses and looks vaguely like Velma from Scooby-Doo.

Like trucker hats before it, this style is imminently poised to overstay its 15 minutes of fame. Have homos really become the imitators of style, not its trend-setters? (Sigh. Shrug. I just wanna know -- where's my next bandwagon?)

P.S. The mavens at WashTimes (as if) supply an answer.