Wednesday, March 23

Papa and Daddy on Speed Dial

No wonder the bigot brigade is so unnerved these days. A company can't even come out with a simple cell phone for pre-teens without thinking of "alternative families." As the WSJ's Walt Mossberg explains, the new Firefly easy-dial mobile is designed for kids aged 8 to 12:

This little blue phone measures about the length of an adult's middle finger. Instead of a numerical keypad, the Firefly has only five buttons and a small three-line screen on its front side. Two of these buttons have male and female stick-figure images on them, and are intended to auto-dial Mom and Dad. To accommodate all kinds of families, Firefly is considering optional images for its keypad instead of just male and female figures.

Wow, this company must really fear the wrath of gay activists. Ben, what does your experience in the mobile sales industry tell you about Firefly's prospects?