Thursday, February 3

Forever My Girl

I may not be watching Idol this season and she may have seemed deranged on her appearances on The View and The Daily Show earlier this week, but I have been a fan of Paula Abdul's since way back in the day. And now, the former Mrs. Estevez is looking to the future, trying to restart the singing career that propelled her to fame (and maybe re-try acting too.)

However, CNN notes that "her time on top of the music charts was relatively short. While her two albums, Forever Your Girl in 1988 and 1991's Spellbound sold millions, by the time 1995's 'Head Over Heels' came out, the music world was over Abdul." The music world may have been over her...but I never was. In fact, we all owe Paula a debt of gratitude, for she claims: "I'm responsible for helping Kylie Minogue come back." She's referring to "Spinning Around," which she co-wrote for the dance music star in 2000. You keep on making ridiculous statements and wearing all the kooky fashions you want, Paula! We'll still love you!