Wednesday, February 9

Bee Exclusive: "Bringing the hot looks Sacramento"

If anyone can make sense of this quotation, you'll win a prize! Lifted from a Sacramento Bee article regarding hip hair in California's Capitol, here is international stylist Marci Landgraf:
The buzz for so long has been about hot rollers for everyone, but now we're looking at customizing hair. Much like technology has customized how we live. Look at it as the 'I' factor. iPods, iMacs. Eating sushi one day or a burger the next. 'Today a playful ponytail, tomorrow something with lots of texture and movement.'

Is it just me or is this nutjob channelling Eddy Pie-hands, talking up "all the latest fads – yoga like Madonna, Jamie Oliver-style cookery, a scooter and a life coach – and diversified her business into design, the internet and TV production." Burgers and sushi! It's a real tomorrowland in which we live.