Wednesday, February 9

'Mo Demo

Gays buy products that target advertisements at gays. And because those companies "make cuter stuff." That is the revelation from a new study of brand loyalty amongst the gays. The article contains this killer passage:

Noah Langley, 27, a gay man from Napa, Calif., cited Abercrombie & Fitch as an example of the kind of company where he likes to make purchases. The chain store's catalogs are legendary among gay men for their erotic images of athletic young men.

"For the most part I go for whatever's cheaper," said Langley. "But if I know I'm going to buy a new outfit for going out, I usually buy a brand that's gay-affiliated. They make cuter stuff."

A&F is (was?) gay-popular, but I'm not entirely sure how it's gay-affiliated. I just know that it't probably a little age-inappropriate for someone pushing 30, Noah.