Tuesday, December 7

A Bad Day for Stripper Cops - Issuing the constitutional equivalent of a "no brainer," SCOTUS yesterday threw out a complaint by a former San Diego cop who was fired after a supervisor discovered his side-career. The anonymous officer -- identified as Luis Acevedo in news reports -- was selling solo videos on eBay under the name "Code3stud" showing him stripping out of his police uniform and then, um, pleasuring himself. In one video, he pretends to write a traffic citation. The high court issued a unanimous, unsigned "per curiam" opinion finding his speech "was detrimental to the mission and functions of the employer." While governmental workers have free speech rights with regards to "public concerns," the justices found the videos did not qualify as such "under any view" -- dissing the 9th Circuit whose split opinion in favor of Code3Stud was thereby overruled. Ben, think any of our readers could find a sample photo or outtake?

UPDATE: Courtesy of BJ, here are the goods.