Monday, December 6

TiVo For Your Ears - I've been called "weird" for not joining the iPod craze, but hear me out. [heh] I've got particular needs that the ubiquitous and universally beloved player from Apple just can't accomodate.

  • I need something that can take the rough-and-tumble of jogging, and hard drive-based players just aren't there yet. Flash players -- the original mp3 players which are no longer hobbled by the teensy capacities of yesteryear -- have no moving parts.
  • I'd like something that can pick up (even record) FM radio, so that I can get back in the groove with NPR news. (I've missed them, since I became a Metro commuter.) iRiver makes one that does this, while I highly doubt the long-rumored Apple flash iPod will do so.
  • I'm a hands-on music mixologist, so I don't mind the time and attention it takes to pick-and-choose content to keep a smaller hundred-song-capacity flash player updated compared to the multi-gig iPod. (Actually, for around $200 you can already get flash models with more capacity than a mp3 CD player like I currently use.)
  • And here's another reason to go iRiver: it's compatible with AudioFeast, a service offering downloadable radio "programs" up to six hours long that sync to your player -- a time-shifting concept comparable to TiVo.

Anyways, I hope to get one of these gadgets soon. (Christmas would be great! Hint, hint.) Sorry if that ends up making me the only guy on the bus without the little white earbuds.