Wednesday, July 28

There's Something Called Blogging? - Speaking of blogs-as-activism, here's some not-so-serious blogging from's correspondent at the DNC. While it's mostly notes about Janeanne Garofalo's height and Wonkette's hotness, this enchange typifies the attitude of many technophobes toward bloggers:

Today a reporter from an ABC affiliate in Buffalo, who was assigned to do a story on bloggers covering the convention, interviewed me in my hotel room. I told her that blogging is revolutionizing the way ordinary people watch politics on television. Here's a partial transcript.

REPORTER: So there's something called blogging?

NP (Salon's blogger): Yes.

REPORTER: And it's on the Internet?

NP: That's correct.

REPORTER: So why do you like doing it?

NP: Blogging allows me to be opinionated, unlike the mainstream media, which never lets me express my opinions at all because it doesn't employ me and probably doesn't want to.

Now even in Buffalo, they'll know what blogging is all about! ;-)