Thursday, August 21

Moore for Govuhnah - That's got to be the point of these Ten Commandments shennanigans, right? While I am sure this is just the sort of thing they completely ignore in more enlightened California, here in the Southeast we take note of our religious demagogues. Maybe we can just better imagine ourselves having to actually deal with a judicial system that makes such a mockery of the principles of "equal justice under the law."

In case you were wondering, Moore hasn't got a rat's ass of a chance of winning this legal battle. Under modern First Amendment jurisprudence -- not to mention the beliefs of Jefferson and Madison -- he's way off base with any attempt to establish a government monument to any particular faith. I strongly doubt the Supreme Court would be sympathetic even if it consisted of several new conservative Bush appointees. (Even the Washington Times takes issue, but then I guess you'd expect that from a religious minority like the Moonies.)

But that's not really the point, is it? Moore can make hay politically with his mini-version of massive resistance. Not quite standing in the doorway of a public school to block integration, but reminiscent at least.