Tuesday, August 19

The Right Way to Be Gay - Well, here's an old story that comes around every once in a while but bears repeating. It seems this Michigan professor (whose specialty is queer studies) has discovered a great way to metaphorically stick his fingers in the eyes of stupid fundamentalists. (Redundant, I know.) He's named his undergraduate course "How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation."

The course actually sounds quite interesting, as it investigates not homosexuality as a psychological orientation but rather how [urban] gay men come to learn the things they have in common -- such as style, martini recipes, and showtunes. But the best part is that the mere title has the usual blowhards shrieking about tax dollars being spent on homosexual recruitment. I know it's a sore subject among self-loathing closet types, the "straight-acting," and gay Republicans, but I'm kinda fascinated by the fun, campy parts of being gay and how newbies learn to emulate them.

Yes, Jamie and I did just buy tickets to Cher. Adam says that converts my annual membership into lifetime. If only I'd had a class like this at Princeton, maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long.