Wednesday, August 20

Appointment TV - I was bemused to receive a note yesterday from the SLDN asking me to "WATCH FORMER AIR FORCE OFFICER & SLDN SUPPORTER REICHEN LEHMKUHL ON THURSDAY’S “AMAZING RACE” FINALE." It went on to tell me that Reichen (as we all know and love him) has been a long-time supporter of SLDN. Better yet, it included shirtless photos of him from the group's "Red, White & Pool" party in Los Angeles. Well, who can't support something that provides that kind of entertainment? And how do I get invited to the next party? Oh, and for those of you wondering about the rumors that Reichen and Chip -- described on the show as "married" -- have split up, I thought it informative that the email merely referred to Chip as the flyboy's "teammate." Hmmm.