Monday, September 23

Pilot Lite - Although Buffy has been derided for being lowbrow, the NY Times sets out to demonstrate that the show, and its creator, are anything but. It's an interesting article, but it can't redeem the fact that the first episode of Firefly that aired on Friday was an incredible bore. The pacing seemed to be off, and the characters hard to relate to, and the exposition non-existant. I know that Fox eliminated the pilot episode, which generally explains the central conflict and introduces characters, but Firefly is going to be tough to get into. Granted, I didn't start watching Buffy until the second season, but if Firefly doesn't pick up within the next episode or two, I'm going to have to remove it from my Season Pass list. On the other hand, John Doe, the show that followed Firefly was engaging, fairly original, and shows a great deal of long as they learn from the mistakes of The Pretender. It's certainly not hurt by the fact that Dominic Purcell is easy to watch, too.