Thursday, September 19

Viva Sin City - A day late, I caught up on the new Real World version 12.0. By housing the seven strangers in a high rise Vegas casino, MTV seems determined to make sex and sin the most prominent plot device in this iteration. It helps that they stocked the cast heavily with nymphos and horn dogs. In the person of Steven, the producers are even introducing the concept of the "metrosexual" (first noted here by Ben) to tender Generation Y viewers. Steve's gotten off to a great start, too, by bedding the slut in the first episode, much to the consternation of the repressed gay guy Frank, whose "good boy" pursuit of that ho Trishelle is clearly just a façade. Some say he's just clueless or "hasn't got game." Mark my words, it's Steven he really wants. I'll give MTV props for getting off to a decent start. I might even enjoy this series.

P.S. Am I going to have to give in to the hype and actually watch Push, Nevada?