Thursday, September 19

Linguistic License - The NY Times reports on the growing number of students who come to class using Instant Messenging abbreviations in their writing.

I remember trying to write gritty, realistic dialogue in a short story when I was in about second grade. I used the word "gonna" which I knew to be incorrect, but true to colloquial speech. If only I'd had the use of (sic) back then, to demonstrate rationale. But, generally speaking, academic writing and casual conversation are two entirely different things. Kids need to realize that AIM is a form of conversation, not writing, because it's an immediate and more emotional method of communication. I don't (usually) speak the word "LOL"...I actually laugh, so I think there's a clear and easy distinction that these abbreviations don't belong in writing for school. The question is, are these students reading anything besides instant messages to learn about such things?