Sunday, July 17

Vertical Limit

Speaking of lawsuits, the prospect of being a defendant has prompted mining companies to demand that the U.S. Forest Service notify climbers on Colorado's popular "14ers" (mountains over 14,000 feet high) that some summits are private property. But would that stop Chris O'Donnell? Trespass or no, the line in the WashPost story that caught my eye:

It is a matter of supreme importance to a certain subset that Mount Princeton (14,197 ft.) is taller than Mount Yale -- merely one foot taller, but that's enough for Princeton grads. Harvard graduates, of course, point out that Mount Harvard, at 14,420 feet, is higher than both.

Ben, have you ever thought of attempting Southern California's Mt. Stanford? While I'm afraid it's only 13,973 feet high, at least that puts it higher than the nearby Trojan (13,947) and CalTech (13,832) Peaks.