Friday, July 15

"Serious" Sci Fi

It's really a sin that the Academy overlooked Battlestar Galactica for meaningful Emmy nominations this year, but at least some critics (like Lynn Smith of the LATimes) have acknowledged it as a legitimate dramatic contender, with engaging plots that "hit the hot-button issues of the day":

The president believes her visions fulfill an age-old religious prophesy. The Cylons slip through security with explosives under their vests. The rogue pilot is a woman who tortures prisoners. Everywhere there are shadowy characters, like populist leader Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) — is he a freedom fighter or a terrorist? In the new season, one episode will examine whether a fetus should be used to save a life. In another, a journalist at a news conference challenges the president to answer another reporter's question before moving on to his own.

Add deep characters portrayed by quite attractive actors -- the show features my second favorite Jamie -- and you've got a heck of a lot more than "Bonanza in Space." See for yourself by tuning in (or TiVoing) the premiere of Season Two tonight.