Monday, October 18

If You Can't Joke About Sex, Then What Is There to Talk About? - A sexual harassment case has been filed by a writer's assistant who worked on a popular sitcom. A lawyer representing Warnber Brothers has said: "The show dealt with pornography, threesomes, oral sex anal sex," so of course the writer's room was going to be filled with descriptions of sex. Pray tell, what program was being described? No, not Sex and the City, but a show that many of us jaded Nip/Tuck watchers would consider to be relatively staid and sanitized: Friends. According to one writer who worked on sitcoms from the "buttoned-down Frasier" to the "relentlessly inoffensive Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" told the New York Times that "both rooms could get incredibly filthy." I don't even want to know what sort of innuendos were made about Salem the Cat.