Wednesday, July 21

Another Week, Another Anti-Gay Bill - It's hard for me to get worked up about the Marriage Protection Act, the subject of a WaPo editorial today and upcoming vote in the House.  Sure, the HRC et al. are firing up the "contact your congressman" e-mails again, but it's a pale shadow of the efforts on the FMA.  The point of the law would be to prohibit federal courts (including SCOTUS) from hearing cases like this one, in which Florida lesbians are suing to overturn the federal DOMA and have their Massachusetts marriage recognized in the rest of the country.  I find it hard to believe that, after last week's battle, the Senate is going to pass this bill, even if the House does.  But more importantly, unlike the FMA this is a statute which (1) a later Congress could toss out or (2) the federal courts themselves could decide is unconstitutional.

P.S. Speaking of legalities, Lambda Legal recently appealed a "solicitation of sodomy" conviction in Virginia Beach.  (And you thought the Supreme Court took care of those laws last summer.  Not in the Old Dominion!)