Wednesday, December 24

Good Times, Good Times - There's something intensely satisfying about the cliche of late December Year in Review Lists. Therefore, I present to you my take on the Top Ten issues of 2003, as measured by the number of comments left by readers on Beaverhausen posts.

1) Queer Eye
2) TiVo
3) Gay drug-usage survey
4) Color Me Beautiful
5) The Reagans
6) The word "queer"
7) Grocery strike (and lockout!)
8) Playmakers
9) Chip & Reichen
10) Harvey Milk High School

Honorable Mention: Nate Berkus and Boy Meets Boy. Now remember, this is *my* fun Top Ten...if you're looking for FMA updates and sodomy laws, check Newsweek. John, any favorites of yours from this year that I've left off the list?