Sunday, November 23

The Week That Was - The Sunday WaPo has a nice, easy-to-follow retrospective and explainer on gay marriage that is worth sharing with your straight friends and loved ones who just want to know what the hubbub is about. If any of those friends and family happen to be opposed to gay marriage, then have them take a look at this David Brooks column (quick, before NYT access is no longer free). I knew I liked that guy for some reason.

The Post's Outlook section also delves into the flip-flop most conservatives have just done on the "states rights" issue because of the Massachusetts ruling in Goodridge. Right-wing partisans usually decry the imposition of national standards on unwilling states, but then what else is the FMA? Liberal commentators have long held that the so-called Federalist position was just a philosophical figleaf to defend anti-abortion laws or other policies which conservatives preferred and which tend to be enacted at the state level. "I told you so" is their response to the former states-righters who are now all for the constitutional amendment.

Also -- here's a link to the Washington Blade's wall-to-wall team coverage on the Massachusetts' decision.