Tuesday, November 25

Bizarro-Dawson's Creek - I've finally seen Rules of Attraction, which Ben reviewed last October. The plot was far from uplifting, but I find that I simply can't be depressed by Brett Easton Ellis's stories -- they're so unrealistic that my reaction is often laughter not sadness. His characters are like the evil twins of the Creek's brainy, angst-ridden but ultimately hopeful teens. ROA's kids lead meaningless lives of desperation, choked with alcohol, drugs, crime and suicide. (And let's not forget the utter meaningless of love.) Scanning through the movie with TiVo, the widely-billed sex scene between JvdB and Ian Somerhalder completely failed to impress. However, Victor (Yale graduate and former A&F model Kip Pardue), whose fast-forwarded European semester was a highlight for Ben, was pretty darn woofy in backpacker-scruff mode -- with an honorable mention to NYU Film Guy (Eric Szmanda). My review - same as Ben's: C+.