Saturday, September 13

There are those who believe, that life here, began, out there... - At the risk of both dating myself as well as earning a rep as a hopeless geek, I'm going to admit to my excitement about the upcoming Battlestar Galactica game. This was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid, and I've always loved arcade-style simulation games. (Ace Combat 04 is quite a distraction to me right now.) Wonder if it will be released for PS/2 by my birthday?

According to reports, both Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch will be back doing voice characterizations for the video game. Alas, it's far too late for dead-and-Canadian actor Lorne Green to reprise his role as Adama. The release of the game coincides roughly with December's mini-series (staring Edward James Olmos!) on the SciFi network. I look at the return of BG as revenge of TV mega-producer (and noted Mormon) Glen Larson.

What's next -- a revival of V?