Wednesday, September 10

Gay Hate - How seriously can we take reports of beatings and bomb threats against evangelicals opposed to "the gay agenda"? Maybe they did happen, maybe they didn't. Regardless, I find it interesting how often Christian conservatives parrot the victim politics of many gay activists, only in reverse. It feels like a game of "I'm rubber; you're glue" to me. If only the media and the public didn't fall for it, from either side.

The link found in that story to Ex-Gay Watch is pretty interesting. I haven't read enough of it to get a complete sense of the blog, but the author reminds me of several ex-gay-leaning folks I've encountered. It turns out they ain't all bad. In my experience, these are often sensitive guys conflicted over their (freely admitted) homosexual attractions whose major political stance is "can't we all just get along." Hard for the libertarian in me to object to that; besides some would point out I have a lot in common with these sensitive losers. (Of course the John Paulks of the world, who hold up their purported ex-gay status as a model for all homosexuals that deserve outrage and criticism.)