Thursday, August 28

Lords of the Darknet - It's been awhile since I posted on the subject of file sharing. The latest reports focus on the technological tracking devices the RIAA has deployed to snoop on you if you connect to one of the downloading services. These surprisingly sophisticated weapons have got me spooked, especially now that the courts are forcing ISP's to turn over users to the Evil Industry.

Here's what I'd like: A simple electronic replacement for "sneakernet" -- the old system for trading hard-copy music (tapes, CDs) with your friends. Inside a trusted ring of friends, there's no way the RIAA could break in. I'm told that you can actually get TiVo Home Media Option to stream music from friends' computers. Now how about getting the files themselves?

Meanwhile, Jamie should be able to appreciate how college RA's must feel about having to police students from downloading. We all know how that works for alcohol.