Monday, August 25

Amazing Race Followup - And speaking of dear Reichen, I thought I'd give this interview from The Advocate a more prominent position in the blog. (With thanks to Schroeder for finding it first). So it turns out that our favorite gay "married" couple perhaps won't be married that much longer. The article explains that they've gone through a rough patch, like any other marriage might. It doesn't exactly explain why Reichen indicated he was unattached in his Instinct magazine article, but there was an explanation for why he didn't mention his appearance on The Amazing Race.

As I said in my earlier comments, Reichen's talk about "gay people being able to do anything straight people do" really peeved me. Of course really attractive, highly educated, white gay men are capable of winning The Amazing Race, you dumbass. As a member of this crowd myself, I think I have every right to tell Chip and Reichen to get over themselves. Do they think that being the "first gay contestants to win on a mainstream reality show" make them trailblazers? OH WAIT...Richard Hatch already beat them to the punch, anyway. So, yeah, you won, I liked watching you, AR4 was a fun show, but let's make sure to keep things in perspective.