Thursday, July 3

Avoiding Tacky - Even prior to all the gay marriage talk coming as a result of the Supreme Court decision, Kevin and I had been talking about moving forward with a commitment ceremony, but haven't actually figured out any of the logistical details. I've got the one book that talks about where to find groom&groom cake toppers, but I wouldn't want something that tacky anyway. I'd want something more sophisticated and refined than that. So, do we hold it in a posh resort destination like Napa that would allow guests to have a highbrow vacation? But a ceremony in a state/country that doesn't have civil ceremonies means that we'd probably have to venture into some sort of religious territory. And unless the plan is for my brother to conduct the ceremony after obtaining online ordination (ala Joey Tribbiani on Friends), I'm not sure how comfortable we'd be with that. Therefore, this article from the Montpelier, VT paper provides some encouragement for Kevin's idea to elope for the actual civil ceremony, then come back and throw a big reception back in CA later on. Anyone have a pearl of wisdom to impart?