Wednesday, July 2

Where's Normal Mailer when you need him? - Time talks about the latest craze in reality television...the makeover! But unlike A Makeover Story, What Not to Wear or Ambush Makeover, the author signles out Bravo's new Queer Eye For the Straight Guy's for its "unspoken premise, provocative but true, is that gay men are the new black people: the oppressed minority whose subculture defines what is cool." We're somewhat less oppressed this week, but we're all quite aware of the influence gay culture has on the mainstream.

Hello, are there ANY straight college boys who don't wear A&F, have a shaved chest and are inked with a chinese character on their body? Good thing The Gays have already started turning the tide back to hairy chests. We'll wait for the heteros to catch up in a year or two.