Monday, October 28

California Corner - To some, California is THE place for stereotypes to come true. (Valley girls, Marin County hottubbers, et al) But this World Series-inspired essay in the Weekly Standard on the ways in which Orange County and the Bay Area differ tries to elevate some slightly updated takes on the old regional stereotypes. (Link courtesy of Matt Welch.)

First of all, note that the picture of the perfect Bay Area resident is drawn much less clearly, without the defining elements of a spouse and a car afforded to OC. While there are elements of truth about the perfect Orange County resident, I fully agree with one comment made on Welch's site...a $4 million dollar home would NOT have any Ethan Allen furniture in it. I also doubt that this resident is a typical Angels fan. I feel no need to defend Orange County, but I do think it's important to mention that the population of the wealthy beach cities of OC is quite different from the working class, immigrant households in the inland cities. If you're going to poke fun, at least broaden the targets.