Friday, October 11

Attention passengers, please lower your window shades - The Cayman trip allowed us to catch up on a couple of in-flight movies we'd had on our list - the delightful About a Boy and the overrated My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (Travel Hint: Don't return the four-dollar headphones, and you can listen for free on the return flight!)

You don't have to like Hugh Grant to enjoy About a Boy, and how could I resist all the footage of trendy London locales? While the happy ending was perhaps a tad contrived, it was pleasant to watch Grant - stretching his acting skills by playing an immature selfish bore - try to relate to a feckless adolescent who is as ruthless in getting help for his mentally unstable mom as Grant's character was about bedding women. Besides, it's got a killer hip soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy.

MBFGW, however, was just over the top. Maybe I'm taking it personally, but WASP families simply aren't that cartoonishly bland. And John Corbett totally phoned in his performance as Nia Vardalos's love interest. (I bet he was never expecting this little indy to make it so big, and he's got to regret not working at it harder. John, you blew it.) I found the premise bizarre also -- why on Earth would Corbett's character submit so meekly to the annoyances of his Greek in-laws. I didn't buy that there was any infatuation, so I guess he's just supposed to be a pussy. Even one tiny confrontation or argument would have at least made more sense and added a touch of interest. For a better exploration of the tumultuous family relationships of Greek immigrants, check out that steaming-hot Alex Dimitriades in Head On.