Friday, October 11

Polling Place - As noted by Drew and others, a recent Gallup poll shows that Americans believe that 20% of the population is gay. Rather than try to interpret the data, I have to say that I simply believe that Americans are terrible at math and can't estimate percentages very well. I don't think there's a deeper meaning about the Gay Mafia controlling the media or some other such nonsense as Drew muses.

Which leads me to this rather uninformed article from the Toronto Star. The author wonders, "Why are gay black characters imbued with high dosages of masculinity?" Clearly, he doesn't know any gay black men. In my admittedly limited (but obviously less limited that the author's) experiences, black men are generally marginalized in the white male gay ghetto culture. Therefore, to generalize, some gay black men simply reject the gay ghetto culture while others go in the opposite direction and celebrate their effeminate side. Who's the most prominent gay black man? Arguably, it's RuPaul. But the other side of the stereotype is accurately portrayed on Six Feet Under and The Shield, as part of the straight-acting "down low" persona. Granted, Keith on SFU is out, but I think the example is still fair.