Tuesday, September 3

Pitchers and Catchers - Meet Daniel Greenberg, effete middle-aged homosexual who discovers baseball and - what else? - writes an off-off-broadway play about love in the dugout. (Is it just me or isn't Dan the spitting image of Carrie Bradshaw's sometime companion Stanford Blatch?) While I take a very jaded view of theater as a cultural phenomenon (does anyone outside of Chelsea actually see these shows?), I would like to point out the following characterization of Mr. Greenberg from the Times:
Nowadays, Mr. Greenberg is the kind of Yankee fan who refers to the team as "we" and who spent last Nov. 5, the day after the Yankees lost the World Series, in tears. To hear him wax eloquent and enthusiastic (not to mention with statistical accuracy) on the vivid achievements of the young Yankee second baseman Alfonso Soriano, you'd never know that until recently he paid so little attention to the game that he thought Willie Mays played for the Yankees.

I do this for Ben's benefit to reinforce his linguistic awareness of pronoun usage in sports-related conversational English.