Tuesday, August 27

America's Melting Pot - Sacramento(!?!) has been identified as the most diverse city in America, with racially diverse neighbors living side-by-side. To some degree, I think that's probably true. I interact with many Asians, whites and Latinos at work, but fewer African-Americans. But there does seem to be a higher than average number of relationships between people of mixed racial heritage here. And, with the Kings making a name for themselves and housing costs being (relatively) low for Northern California, can it be that my new hometown is a hip place to live? Rumor has it we're already slated for a downtown PF Changs, a new Whole Foods and an IKEA. Well, if we can just get a Cheesecake Factory and an Armani Exchange, I think we'll be on our way. (Because, yes, being hip--and by extension, being gay--is all about consumption)