Monday, August 26

Who needs chicken? - Recent news from Arizona State concerning campus sexcapades reminded us of a reputed porno filming at a certain elitist college in New Haven, Connecticut almost two years ago. First exposed by this article in the Yale student newspaper, the university's "Porn 'n' Chicken" club (PnC for short) and its film project had tongues wagging among the Ivy establishment and even lesser circles.

I remember thinking at the time that this must be what Rutherford was hinting at when he told Joel Goodson's father that "Princeton could use a guy like Joel." Not that Ivy Leaguers don't know how to let their hair down. Back in the present, just in time to take advantage of the efforts of the ASU fratboys, Comedy Central is about to present a made-for-TV movie "based on the true story" of the randy Elis. Read all about it here. Yes, from the people who bring you The Man Show. I can't wait.