Friday, July 8

McDonalds & The Future

McDonald's is testing a digital media strategy that includes kiosks in stores that can be used for "burning CDs, downloading cell phone ring tones and printing photos." Plus, the flagship restaurant outside of the McDonald's headquarters campus also has "dozens of plasma-screen TVs. Wi-Fi Internet access. New chicken sandwiches. Double-lane drivethrus. And an adjoining McCafe with gourmet coffees, fancy pastries and a fireplace." Next up, you'll be able to order Your Big Mac and DVD to go, where you can rent DVD's from one outpost of the restaurant and return it across town at another.

But those are not the only changes in the works as McDonald's remakes its image. Spokesclown Ronald McDonald is getting a makeover:
In a television commercial that hits airwaves on Friday, an animated Ronald will be seen encouraging kids to get up off the couch and join him in kicking a soccer ball, juggling fruits and vegetables, and riding a skateboard with basketball star and fellow McDonald's spokesman Yao Ming.

Thanks, Morgan Spurlock, for inspiring the new McDonald's. Maybe you can also give heterosexual Christians the same kind of makeover!