Thursday, June 16

A Grab-Bag

Hello from beautiful Hampton Roads. Before I head out to grab a martini with the summer clerks at Norfolk's pseudo-hip Empire Little Bar, I thought I'd drop a couple of items into the hopper:

  • Contrariwise - Sully's drinking pal and fellow Englishman-in-DC Christopher Hitchens made an appearance this week at city council hearings to express his opposition to a proposed city-wide public smoking ban.
  • Cartoon Lust - Is it wrong to think that a character in a cartoon is hot? Cuz I rather like several of those sillouette boys in the iPod commercials
  • "Apparently You Can Work Out Here Too" - Speaking of inappropriateness, Andy T. noted a hard-hitting expose in today's NYTimes about the man-on-man hooking up that goes on in the steamrooms at Manhattan gyms. Hello, people, the David Barton Gym is in Chelsea, okay?

Well, that's it. Glad to have finished a strange day that started out with a business meeting at Pat Robertson's Founders Inn & Conference Center, conveniently located next to CBN studios and Regent University in Virginia Beach.