Monday, November 22

Blue Skies, Sunshine and White Sand by the Mile - Finally! The Golden Girls is out on DVD. I'm a bit disappointed I wasn't asked to the release party in Beverly Hills, but I'm sure the invitation was just lost in the mail. At the reunion, Rue McClanahan laughed "when told the characters on Fox's ultra-cool The O.C. have been known to chat about the adventures of Blanche, Sophia, Rose and Dorothy." Of course, it was a nervous laugh, because Rue had no idea who or what The O.C. was. I'm a bit disapppointed that after waiting this many years to release the first season, the bonus materials are not comprehensive...just a commentary track with Joan and Melissa Rivers. Take a page from Seinfeld, if you can watch the show in reruns 15 times a day, you need a little hook to get me to shell out $34.95 for the discs.