Monday, October 25

Come Out Here - I'd love to see the raw data behind the statistics published in the San Francisco Chronicle's article about the City's push to market itself to gay and lesbian tourists. The story relates that LGBT travelers take trips on average of "three or four times a year...It's not Philadelphia or San Francisco. It's San Francisco and Philadelphia and Key West." Further cited is the remarkable statistic that "97 percent took a vacation in the past 12 months" compared to the national average of 64 percent. (I wonder 97 percent of what...LGBT travelers? It's unclear to me who the pollsters interviewed) Spending $10,000 for a couple to take a vacation seems like a luxury that very few people could take, but the article also mentions that "53 percent spent $5,000 or more per person on a vacation." As usual, no mention about how interviewes were identified nor any breakdown of responses by gender or perception of outedness.