Thursday, January 8

Bring on the TiVo love - It's been a big day for the TiVo faithful at the CES in Vegas:

    TiVoToGo - Those of us with Home Media Option are finally getting some bang for the buck. Coming in Fall 2004, subscribers with the HMO service will be able to transfer TiVo video files to their laptop or PC and even burn them onto DVD for storage. Caveat - right now it looks like the files will only play using certain software, using the subscriber's unique security key, so you can't take the DVDs over to a friend's house. Presumably they also would not play in a normal DVD player. (Wonder about those Pioneer burners, though?) Also coming - programing your TiVo from your cell phone. I'm sure I'll never have known how much I needed that until I get it.

    HD DirectTiVo - The first high-definition TiVos are supposed to be out this quarter. Sporting four (count 'em, four) tuners, these bad boys will be able to record both DirecTV HD programming and over-the-air broadcasts from your local HD stations. And unlike regular TiVo, you can watch something while recording something else. As a bonus, DirecTV is expanding its high-def offerings with more network signals via satellite.

    Other goodies - Besides an expanding list of home entertainment appliances containing TiVo technology (such as new DVD burners from Toshiba and Humax), we'll have a bundle of other nifty services connecting to the happy set-top box. XM subscribers will be able to listen through their TiVo, Adobe and Picasa will organize photo files for the TiVo and MoodLogic will do the same for mp3s.

What a glorious time to be alive.