Thursday, December 11

Do the kids still hang out at video arcades? - It's unclear to me just how many Beaverhausen readers are into electronic gaming, but it's an area I have been rediscovering over the last six months or so. Basically, I use my computer for work and for communicating with friends, and I refuse to install any games on the system because they tended to make the operating system unstable. However, now that I have a PlayStation 2, I'm reminded of how much fun arcading can be. While one-person shooters like my new Battlestar Galactica game are a blast, going head to head with friends can be the most fun. Brian especially seems to enjoy competing with me in The Simpsons Road Rage, so he sent along this article noting that Sega has sued Fox for infringing on its patents in creating the game. But will the lawsuit keep Bri from getting his hands on the newest version of the game, The Simpsons Hit and Run? Stay tuned.