Wednesday, July 16

MTV (Gay) Bash - This week, the Viacom subsidiary aired MTV Bash, a roast for Carson Daly. Of course, Viacom is the same politically correct company that had been considering a gay cable start-up called Outlet, which now seems to be permanently stalled.

When I mentioned Bash to John, his first question was whether it was all gay jokes. And when I thought about it, besides the dumbass girlfriend jokes (hellooo, Tara Reid!) most of the jokes were slams on Carson liking sex with men, specifically Jimmy Kimmel, Nick Lachey and Catholic priests. Sarah Silverman also made the comment that "you may have heard the rumor that Carson has a big dick. Well, it is true. He likes to keep it in his ass and it belongs to P. Diddy."

The show was clearly a baudy affair with words like "asshole" and "faggoty" spoken and not bleeped. But for the network that made gay members of reality TV de rigeur, I suppose I should have been offended at the insinuations made. Who knows, maybe it was all just a part of the test run for the "manly" sensiblities of Spike TV. I can't help but think that much like the "that's so gay" comments on the playground, for the twelve-year-old suburban kid watching Bash at home, these jokes do create a perception that gay=bad that can only be overcome through hours and hours of watching Will & Grace.